The Dayton Wingmasters
We are a community of radio controlled aircraft pilots, builder, and designers dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of model aviation in the Dayton, Ohio area.

The Dayton Wingmasters are a chartered member (#499) of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

Flying Field Requirements

As our field is located on City of Dayton property and as we are an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Charter Club, we are subject to the rules and regulations of both groups.

As a result, the following is required for the use of the field:

1. Current AMA Membership

Whether you're already flying or even if you haven't started yet, both the Club and the City of Dayton require current membership with the AMA.

Click here to start your online enrollment with the AMA.

You can also get information on and an application for the AMA at your local hobby shop.

2. Field Key for access to gate

The field has controlled access with a locked gate at the field entrance.
Keys may be purchased for $25.00 per year and requires proof of current AMA membership at time of purchase.

For liability reasons, The City of Dayton requires field keyholders to have current AMA insurance (which comes with an AMA membership).

3. Conformation to the Field Rules and the AMA Safety Code

Usage of the field is conditional upon compliance with the posted rules from the City of Dayton regarding approved times for powered flying as well as those general items that are included in the AMA Safety Code.

The club reserves the right to rescind access to those who are not in compliance with these documents.

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